Coconut Oil – My Love for It is Revealed

I’ve been meaning to write about my experience on Coconut Oil for quite some time because this sweet smelling, solid white oil has played a big part of my life since childhood to adulthood and possibly will remain for a long time still – as it is not so much a secret now so why not share it.

Mum used to apply coconut oil to our hair every week before washing.. As kids both my sister and I would hate it because we had greasy hair, not the coolest look obviously!. My sister was the worst one, she would pull her hair throw a tantrum because mum would braid our hair and tie it up which we called “la queue bringel”. Braiding the hair tends to make the hair wavy which we didn’t like. We didn’t know why mum was always doing that until afterwards, well it was simply not to attract those horrible creature called lice. Having a smooth, clean and silky hair would never attract lice because these creatures are attracted to tangled, dirty hair and mum made sure we had our hair nicely combed and tied up – keep away you horrible creatures. I bet many of you never thought of this, but now you know and now I know too – sorry “ma” we were just terrible kids but you love us and we love you too xxxxxx – mums know best.

When it comes to my hair it is serious business in my book. Everyone who know me well will relate to what I mean, since they know what I am about to say. I once had someone who said to me, she recognise me from a distance simply by the way I was flicking my hair, the amount of time I touch my hair – if only I could have a candid camera, I think I will shock myself. If you’re like me, you love your hair looking perfect and glossy, then you would like this.

A proper BAD hair day is when my hair is static, lack depth, volume and dull. I also hate it when my hair is wet and then left to dry without properly tiding it first. Yes I am very fussy about my hair, and why shouldn‘t I be, as I always say if my hair looks good I feel great.

I get this question being asked so many times, how I manage to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny. Although I must admit I cannot hide some of my lighter coloured hair called “greyish” hair. I am not going to dwell on it as I see it as maturity, that’s me looking at it positively….makes me feel better. 

Looking after your hair is not tricky, but using as much natural products can be quite tricky for some because there are so many products out there. With all the different amount of hair products on the market it can be so confusing but why spend more when you can simply do with the mere basics in an all rounder such as Coconut Oil – skin care, hair care, body and soul care. Easy on the shopping list and easy on the budget, the good news is even the Organic Coconut Oil is not expensive and you can get so much out of one small bottle or jar.  When it comes to natural hair care, I must admit  I only use the most basic and inexpensive products. MI_IMG_20160217_090856

With all this in mind I have become a bigger fan of Coconut Oil, I have started to use it in my cooking too. It’s a “superfood” because it does not just nourishes the body but also the physical appearance. As a beauty product therefore it enhances both your inner and your natural beauty.

Let’s talk about the Benefits of Coconut Oil:

If we wonder what makes this Oil so special, well its’ a natural product that speaks for itself – one can’t beat natural products. It contains lots of Vitamin E, an element that helps with growth and skin repair protecting skin damage, dryness while making it look smooth and healthy. With such properties as well as containing Proteins which we know is important for repairs and healing, all together making it a perfect ingredient for good health. As much as it’s good for the skin it’s good for the hair and internal organs, hence a good one to cook with.

Oh No !!!!! I am talking about food and cooking again.  Following on to this lifestyle chat I will leave you with a foodie note, a lovely dish for you. But for now let’s get back on track to lifestyle chats, I use it as a makeup remover as well. Coconut oil tends to solidify into a big mass, take a little bit of the oil and rub into your face including eye makeup and hey make up is gone. Then using a face wipe just gently wipe away and you are left with a beautiful, soft silky clean skin. Quick wash with warm water you will notice a beautifully moist skin that will hardly need any night moisturising cream.

Hair Benefits

As much as Coconut Oil is good for the skin, as mentioned above it is for the hair. Apply it to your hair at least once a week overnight preferably before you wash your hair, you will notice a massive difference. In which I mean you will end up with a silkier, soft and shiny hair – glide while you brush your hair, reduce damage even you if use a hair straightened. I can say that because I can vouch for it. If you are worried about greasy hair, simply shampoo and condition your hair but do not rub your hair too much only gentle massage is all that is needed.

Nutritious Food:

I have had real joy in using coconut oil in my cooking. Well many will know I am a big fan of nuts and coconuts is no different, as much as I can I will add it to most of my food. Given the chance to cook with coconut oil, can I say no! of course not? Even better as it contains so much goodness in it, as much as it’s good with everything else surely eating it can be even better. Because of its consistency it’s easy to cook with, it does not burn quickly and it flavours all your ingredients giving intense aroma and taste to your food. Because coconut oil is loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Iron that play key roles in keeping healthy immune system.

Here is a simple dish that you can make and try out using coconut oil. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Let’s cook………..20160411_192049

Stir fry Courgette &pepper with Coconut Oil


Courgette is a very easy vegetable to cook. With its very tender fresh, it only takes a few minutes to stir fry. I like mine tender but with a slight crunch to it. When something as simple as this, I don’t see the reason to complicate the dish. This dish is as simple as it looks, colourful, inviting, tasty and healthy as much as it goes. Using coconut oil to cook made it even tastier than I expected.

Ingredients Serves 2

  • 2 courgettes – cut into medium size cubes
  • 1 Tbs coconut oil
  • 1 small red pepper – cut into cubes
  • ½ inch fresh ginger – grated
  • Few fresh curry leaves
  • 1 small onion, sliced
  • Salt to taste


  1. Heat the coconut in a medium size saucepan or “kadai”, add onion, curry leaves, ginger, leave to fry gently.
  2. Add the peppers followed by the courgette.
  3. Season with salt and stir fry for 4-5 minutes or until translucent and tender.
  4. Before turning the heat off add the chopped spring onion and stir.
  5. Serve warm as a side dish.