A Culinary & Cultural Journey in one Day – Fête de La Fraternité à Evreux

This time heading over across the channel again to participate in one of the most prestigious summer gathering in the beautiful town of Evreux in Nord Normandy. Together with Kristel http://www.latelierdekristel.com/, we were very proud to showcase one of our talents – cooking and sharing our Love for Mauritian food.

Below are just a few glimpses of what happened on the day, hope you enjoy reading and seeing the pictures as much as we enjoyed our day at the 15ème Fête de la Fraternité http://www.evreux.fr/agenda/sorties/15e-fete-fraternite-21820

It was such a privilege to be at this festival, to be recognised for what we both like doing most. This all started over a casual conversation at the beginning of the year, we both were unsure how all this would turn out. Since Kristel lives in the same town, so she took the lead to find out and liaise with the council and their representatives to organise our participation at the festival. Like most events there are always so much work and organisation involved behind the scene. 

Kristel had the exciting and important task to organise so much in terms of shopping and sourcing out all the ingredients we needed for our dishes.  As most will agree there is always the last minute shopping to do, both of us dashing out to Super U to get the fresh ingredients, bread etc….as you can imagine everyone in the shop were staring at our shopping trolleys at checkout.  I wonder what was going in their mind…are these two are trying a feed an army?…haaaaa.

Planning a menu to suit all and make them materialise needed to be considered thoroughly. Our aim was to also enjoy the day and make it as fun as possible both for us and the people visiting. How does one plan a menu that translates Mauritian Cuisine? As many would agree it the fusion of its cuisine that make Mauritian food unique.

We decided to make different dishes that would reflect just that, to include all the influence of  our Ancestral settlers in Mauritius. A menu that would attract all the visitors who have never tasted Mauritian food and entice those who have tasted our food wanting to come back for more.

On the menu the ever loved “Gateaux piments”, “Zasar légume ”, “Halim”, Coriander chutney, “Ounde”, banana tarte, “Alouda”.

If this was not enough just before closing down, we had so many people coming back to our stall, we decided to make bread pakoras “dipain frire”, which disappeared faster than they were being fried. People were queuing up waiting for the next batch to come out of the fryer. The saying “flying like hot cakes”, I can say this was exactly what happened.

The pleasure of feeding people and seeing them enjoying the food is enough to day it was a successful day, well worth it. Both Kristel & I thank everyone who helped and took part in the event. Not to forget our dearest husbands who are both always behind the scene helping out. As we say team work, without the support of all our family & friends the day would not have been the same.   

No Mauritian fête comes without entertainment, as one can see clapping hands, singing and dancing to the tune of “sega” (Can be seen on the video below).

Special mention to the talented photographer Carole Polak http://www.unjouruneinspiration.com/, Jérémie Laviolette de Monsieur Maurice https://fr.ulule.com/les-epices-de-monsieur-maurice/, Fabienne & her little girl, Bérengère Doby & her children, Maïta, Alex and all who supported us behind the scene.

As a kind gesture Christie from Christie’s Shop http://www.christiesshop.com/fr/ donated some spices which were prices for the raffle. Thank you to Evreux Council for trusting in us and giving us the opportunity to represent our beautiful island Mauritius. 

We met so many lovely people, and a fun day of entertainment and above all left with such a proud feeling of achievement – “We did it”. Until next time.

I shall leave you to enjoy the photos and televised video by Tele France 3 Normandie http://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/eure/evreux/diversite-habitants-evreux-honneur-1266593.html


Thank you Hendi for making the journey to visit us on the day…as we say always time for a selfie.