An Evening in London – by NC Super Clubs hosted by Jessica Heath “Ceylove” – A Taste of Sri Lanka

Before I tell you about my fantastic food experience, I must extend my thanks to the team behind the scene of NC Super Clubs for the invitation to a beautiful summer’s evening in the bustling city of London to savour some delicious Sri Lankan food.

NC Super Clubs seems to be the talk of the town lately with several good reviews written up already. An invitation to taste Chef Jessica’s food creation with such flair at one of NC Super Clubs could not go a miss. To top it all up, it’s about meeting lovely people with mutual love for food (as mentioned below). 

Photo credit: Charlie Burgio Photography

Whenever I eat food that touches my heart, I feel the need to put my taste buds to pen, and this time was no different. So here are the highlights of my culinary tasting and savouring evening at “Ceylove – Taste of Sri Lanka” on a summery Sunday evening. Mouth-watering regional Indian Cuisine.

I feel proud and lucky to live in such a country of cultural diversity, a city that embraces food as a magnet to bring togetherness. It was a buzzing evening with that kicked off with a ceremonial tradition of “Diya’s” lighting and a beautiful folklore Kandyan South Indian dance performance which really set the mood.

I must say when I saw the menu, I was intrigued by the dishes on the list. That brought a real excitement since I had not never tried some of them. Some may say I am biased when I talk about Indian influenced food, because of my ancestral roots being South Indian.

But that’s not the case, I just enjoy food that is simple and taste good, but above all food whereby authenticity is not compromised.

I love taking food photography, as each dishes tells a story. However I must say sometimes when my food comes in front of me – the first thing that comes to mind is “eat me” first then food photography, which means I don’t get a chance to take my own photo shoot.

I will share with you some of the photos taken by the talented professional photographer’s Charlie (they will be credited). As we all know the first impression counts so much, eat with your eyes first that starts tantalising the taste buds. The photos speak for themselves, bursting with flavours, the hint of heat as well as aroma with a concussion of spices is enough to make me happy. 

The spiced crab cutlets served with lime leaf aioli was a delicious, served as amuse bouche. Followed by Roti Hummus Canape. I must say my very favourite was the “Curry Leaf Chilli infused Potato Gnocchi” totally blew me away for the flavours. 

 Thank you all Majella, Nesan and team for the hospitality and lovely evening. What makes an evening even more beautiful is meeting friends and making new friends with mutual love of food. To name a few Priya Deshingkar, Manjiri Chitnis, Ashanti Omkar, Malika Basu, Lorna AnandaGangothra, Clara Guterres, Andy Morahan.

photo credit: Charlie Burgio Photography