Rice & Pasta

Rice and Pasta are two of the most widely consumed staple food for many people around the world. There are hundreds of ways how rice can be prepared, to the most fanciest and modest simple ways. Rice & Pasta recipes are popular and easy to combine with other ingredients for some great tasty dishes.

Whether you are cooking for your family or entertaining guest here you will find Recipes with some new  and traditional dishes that are quick and delicious. On this page we will discover several rice and pasta recipes that will fit all occasions and all tastes.


Leek & Carrot Rice

When it comes to clearing fridge I get very excited, because I can use all the odd bits and pieces in the fridge and it always ends of with a very tasty wholesome meal. The best part of which it is that there is no wastage and you can go away on holidays without any … Continue reading Leek & Carrot Rice