Today my blog is dedicated to my dearest papa it is 3 years today since my papa left his physical body to be amongst the Param Atma and the Angels. My papa’s favourites of all was Yoghurt, and it had to be homemade yoghurt, none of these shop bought yoghurt.

Papa liked his homemade yoghurt with either bread or just plain boiled rice, eating with his fingers lip-smacking at every mouthful; there was no doubt how much he enjoyed this simple food. In memory of my papa I want to share with you a simple Homemade Yoghurt.  

Yogurt (Dahi/Curd) does not need an introduction. I am sure everyone knows what is yogurt and has eaten it before. But what is so special about the way we Indian eat yoghurt. The yogurt we eat, which sometimes we buy from the supermarket, is made more to suit our modern way of living; it is sweetened or added fruits to give it a fruity taste. For that reason it is commonly served as a desert. In most Indian household and in a lot of Indian cuisine plain yoghurt is used. For many reasons, yoghurt tenderise meat dishes, makes thicker sauces etc. The other reason why Indians use yogurt in their food, partially it’s because yogurt taste delicious, but the main reason is because it is very healthy. As you know some Indian food is hot and spicy, addition of yogurt tends to cool down your body after you had the hot curry. Thus, making your own homemade yoghurt can only be better for you as it’s healthy and fresh with no other chemicals added.

My papa had all the reasons why he loved this humble food, and I would simply say he knew what good food was and Yogurt is certainly one of them delicious, healthy and a great food for body cleanser. 20150503_182758


  • 2 heaped tbsp yogurt (this is crucial as a starter)
  • 500ml full fat milk
  • 2Tbs milk powder


  1. Bring the yogurt to room temperature.
  2. In a deep saucepan, warm the milk on a medium heat. This is very important to leave the milk to heat gently to bring to a boil. Whisk in the milk powder.
  3. Keep string it so the milk does not stick to the pan, and also to avoid a skin forming on the top.
  4. Once the milk is boiled transfer it into the container in which the yoghurt is to be set. A ceramic bowl is best.
  5. Cool the milk to a luke warm temperature-a drop of it on your wrist, should feel neither hot nor cold. The temperature of the milk is important.
  6. Add the yoghurt to the milk and using a hand whisk beat until well incorporated and smooth.
  7. Cover the container with a cling film and keep in a draught-free place to set. Do not move the container while the yoghurt is setting. Once set, place the yoghurt in the refrigerator to chill before serving.

Brinda’s Note:

Now you can serve this delicious Homemade yoghurt just the way you like; sweet or plain….I am having mine with Passion Fruit. I have to confess, yoghurt is one of my favourites. I use a lot of it both in my cooking and as sweet desserts. If you are not a fan of yoghurt I think you might be converted!!!!Once you’ve seen them……..I call them Healthy Indulgence.