Condiments like many would agree play a very important role on most cuisine. Since condiments can be in so many form and not just sauces, I decided I needed a separate page just for condiments. We sometimes do not realise how much condiment we use every day in different shape and method of cooking – so time to organise those spice racks and larders.

Here we are on this page I will share with you some of my homemade condiments – my day to day ingredients that I use to add the extra enhance flavor to my food.

I hope it will encourage you to try making your own seasoning, sauces, pickles and preserved food which you can proudly add to your cooking. However you choose to use them, here you will find that there certain condiments that you should always have in your kitchen whether to use before cooking, as marinade, during cooking or after cooking for extra flavour.


Seasoning Salts

I am always talking of seasoning salt in my recipes so here we are today I will tell you how it’s done. I don’t like to rely on commercial seasoning salts. I very often make my own version of seasoning salts which gives me an array of flavor of my choice using fresh ingredients without … Continue reading Seasoning Salts