About Me

Hi I am Brinda and I love everything about food. As you browse through my site you will come across food, food and more food. I have a great passion for eating, cooking and entertaining families and friends. I love sharing my cooking experience. I also love food photography, and as the old saying “people eat with their eyes first”, as much as I love cooking I love admiring food through my food photography.

My main inspiration are my parents, my mum with whom I have learnt how to cook and my dad how to appreciate food. Over the years I have been learning different cooking skills mainly from my mum/families/friends and developing recipes of my own. I am still learning and will continue to improve my culinary skills.

I was brought up in Mauritius, then moved to the UK. Throughout my cooking journey I aim to share with you my memories and a “raison d’être” for creating my dishes because I believe “food is a universal language” and the essence that brings people together. I am very lucky my husband is very much a foodie too so he ends up being the first one to taste my new dishes when I am recipe testing.    

I do hope you enjoy trying and sharing my recipes. I would love to hear from you and very much welcome your comments, feedback and respond to any queries – therefore you can email me at brin0015@gmail.com or alternativley find me on Instagram:  @brindamauritiusdelights & Twitter: @BBungaroo

Happy cooking!