Celebrating Poila Boishak or Vaisakhi at Little Kolkata – Super Club hosted by Prabir Kumar Chattopadhyay, Biswajit Deb Das & Team – My Food Journey continues…

Sometimes when we eat nice food, there are certain things that sits engraved in the mind. I love taking food photography, as each dishes tells a story. Talking and writing about food experience is another buzz for me. By now I don’t think Little Kolkata needs any further introduction after having been on the headlines on almost all foodie chats since it started hosting Super Clubs in the city of London.


Just browsing through my photos now I am feeling hungry and thirsty. With such an intensive food menu, we were totally spoilt. Starting off with Ghugni Chaat (spiced green lentils with a tangy toppings), followed by Doi Kashundi Bhetki Fish served with Crispy Okra and Ghee Rice. As these hit the dining table, the intense aroma that spread across was enough to get the taste buds tingling.

If these were not enough the second main dish was the beautifully and carefully spiced flavoured slow cooked goat meat accompanied with Luchi “Puri” and Tomato and Date chutney.

Whenever I write about my food experience, it has to be from the heart, something I believe in and food I enjoy. I is not just because its good taste but more so because it contains the ingredients of Love in it. This Super Club like most of the previous ones held in the last few months have proven successful. The reason in my opinion is because of Little Kolkata’s hospitality, authencity food cooked with so much attention and love. Prabir and his team were so welcoming that brought more charm and flavour to the whole evening. We like a good host in action, seeing both Prabir & Biswajit although busy being the FOH, but making time to entertain, talk to every single guests and making sure there was enough food on the table with a smile. For me that says a lot about a person – kindness.

Such a great venue Davy’s of London – Bunghole Cellars, one cannot miss the quaint, cosy, open plan, casual feel throughout with subtle lightings in the dining area. Although packed with diners, it was spacious and very well accommodated for the evening.

What makes Little Kolkata’s food special is the fact it is homemade food, with the homely feel and tastes authentic. Served on big trays for all to share at the same table. It makes it more special as it gets complete strangers to sit together, chat and eat together. This really means after dinner you leave having made new friends/acquaintances.

Let’s say chasers or just tasters, Spiced Old Monk Cocktail followed by Aam Paana or Prosecco – the choice is yours…..

How about this to finish a great meal, Mishti Doi and Rusgulla, if this not a treat, then I don’t know what to say. Check these out and get inspired.

With a great team behind Prabir & Biswajit I wish Little Kolkata success in every way new venture and keep feeding us with a smile and your great spirit.

I will only let you browse through the photos below with very few captions. Those of you who have tasted Little Kolkata’s food would know why there are certain food that do not need a description – just looking at them will make you drool and dream. And for those who have not yet tried and tasted these dishes I strongly suggest you book yourself at the next event.