Indian Fundraising Supper Club Mauritian & Kenyan Collaboration – Curry For Change Event


I believe very much in the concept “Food brings people together” and I cannot think of a better way to enjoying a meal with friends/families and raise funds for a worthy cause. I am referring to one of the charity I have been involved for over two years – It is the charity called “Find Your Feet” a small international development organisation with a UK base, also known as “Curry for Change” which enable poor rural families in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nepal and India to grow enough food so they do not have to go hungry. The charity support women in these communities by creating a support system so they can speak out against injustice and learn new skills to support their families.

This year Chinskitchen & Brinda’s Mauritius Delights hosted a collaboration event to cook a Vegetarain feast with an East African Mauritian Supper Food. Pleased to say it was a successful event, and the most satisfying feeling was the fact that everyone who attended the event enjoyed all the dishes. Here are some of the highlights of the event. Every guests who attended were gifted with a goodie bag as seen below. 20160723_212459


All money raised was doubled by Natco spices. Don’t you just love seeing these beautiful ladies smiling and happy… other way to describe “blissful and happy”.