Dress Your Way to Sunshine – Let’s Look Cool

As summer is coming to an end, I will not let any such thing dampen my spirit. When it comes to sizzling summer styles, most of us start thinking latest summer collection, bright beautiful colours. I love bright bold colours, as well as mix and match contrasting colours. I find by doing so, I am not restricted to buying accessories to purposely match my clothes or vice versa. It also helps to have a more variety to choose from to suit the weather, the mood and occasion you are dressing up for. I rarely follow trendy colours, I like most colours and depending on my mood I choose what suits me on the day & occasion.

Here are a few very easy tips to look glam in simple outfits, a few tips to improve your style easily. I find it works for me, if you think it might work for you – make that change, boost up your confidence. Style, as we all know is very individual to everyone, for me easy dressing is important so long I feel comfortable. I love casual, yet smart look for work, something that would ease me when I have meeting or even go out for a quick social lunch.

I love bright colours, as I find it only takes a little of colour to brighten your day. I have chosen my yellow colourful top, matched with as skinny pair of black denim. It is so important to know how to carry your clothes on you, the way to show off your style when you walk, sit or stand.

Tip 1 – Flowery cotton top with wide flared sleeves, sheer comfort on a warm summer’s day – as it lets air in all direction!! As they are long sleeve, such top can be worn both in Spring & Autumn seasons alike.

Tip 2 – Here instead of a dainty thin belt I have accentuated my waist line with a bold thick brown belt form Timberland, it not only defines my wait but makes a statement about the style – I’m bold, casual yet smart.

Totally und-coordinated handbag but it works, because the burgundy reflects on the yellow top and my hair colour.

Tip 3 – Same colour open Timberland sandals, Egyptian style with big heels. They are not only comfortable to wear all day but they are stylish and bold. With such heels, not only make your legs look long and tall in those skinny jeans but also shows off your lady look style.

Tip 3 – Sunglasses, ahaaah, I love having a selection of sunglasses. Here I have my sky blue mirrored Polaroid sunglasses that certainly makes a statement. One thing to maintain with sunglasses, make sure they stain free and clean at all times. You don’t want dirt stain reflecting on your shades, they look tatty.

Tip 4 – Accessories with bold earing and handbag. Create a statement to enhance your look and your style.

Mix and match clothes is not always a bad idea, it is possible to look chic still on purchasing clothes that are less expensive, which do not cost more than your budget will allow – but match with something rather eye catching. I do maintain that sometimes it is worth spending on certain things that you know you would wear regularly, it’s a good investment.

Hope these few tips from my wardrobe help you look great and feel fabulous. We are worth it.. 

Love xxx Brinda