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I believe in simply cooking healthy, nutritious and comforting food – nothing complicated, just wholesome home cooking. 

Mum always says love enhances the flavour and taste of food and that can only be achieved by cooking from the heart. When cooking one should not rush things and as my mum would always say that cooking is a passion, it’s a “mantra”, do it with love and feelings. It is important to follow the right method and using the right ingredients is the key to tasty food.

I aim to share the simplicity of Mauritian multicultural cuisine that I hope will touch people’s day to day lifestyles. As many of you would know the eating habits of the Mauritians reflects the ethnic diversity of its people.



Sweets & Treats – Sugar Rush

The sweetest and most tempting of delicious, inviting, scrumptious treats. Baking, Cooking have been a life long interest for me. I love collecting recipes, trying them out whilst adding my own twist to them. Here combining my interest in cooking and baking I am keen to share my sweet tooth passion. My shortfall is that … Continue reading Sweets & Treats – Sugar Rush


From spicy to warming – these tantalising Vegetarian dishes are adaptable, simple and delightful, all made with fresh ingredients.


Whether its steak, chicken, lamb, mince, or any form of meats, on this page I intend to make dishes that will impress all meat eaters with these recipes

Rice & Pasta

Rice and Pasta are two of the most widely consumed staple food for many people around the world. There are hundreds of ways how rice can be prepared, to the most fanciest and modest simple ways. Rice & Pasta recipes are popular and easy to combine with other ingredients for some great tasty dishes. Whether … Continue reading Rice & Pasta


Bread is a simple food that needs the very basic ingredients – flour, water, yeast and salt all carefully mixed into a dough and cooked/baked. Bread making is such a rewarding part of baking, and the very best part of which is when the smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the kitchen…. here I … Continue reading Bread

Snacks & Canapes

Looking for a little something to accompany your drinks or a little bite to munch on – Here I have some sweet & savoury finger food recipes to tantalise your taste buds. Easy little bite ideas that you will enjoy making and sharing ……


Condiments like many would agree play a very important role on most cuisine. Since condiments can be in so many form and not just sauces, I decided I needed a separate page just for condiments. We sometimes do not realise how much condiment we use every day in different shape and method of cooking – … Continue reading Condiments

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