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Hi, welcome to my new page which will be dedicated to my lifestyle other than just food. I did promise every so often I will write something on my lifestyle and the things that matters to me, things I love to create and share. Of course food forms a great part of my life but as you will find out here there are so many other things that fulfill my life, my other passion that makes me happy. Without which I would not be able to bring all the things that I like together and complete my life. Here it’s all about sharing my life experiences, my thoughts, my creations and my views on things that matters to me.

On this page I will let you into the creative side of my life apart from creating food dishes – these are fashion, home interior design and my home life with my family. I will let you into some tips and ideas.

Welcome to my Lifestyle blog!




Diwali Celebration

Diwali or Deepavali, the “festival of lights” is a very auspicious festival, and as it’s related to lights what better way to describe this occasion. It is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, celebrating the victory of light over darkness – good over evil. “Diyas” oil   lamps are lit to welcome Lord … Continue reading Diwali Celebration

Skin Hydration & Body Quenching – Moisturising From Inside & Out – Aloe Vera & Mint Refreshing drink

  Today’s chat is all about hydrating the skin – and how we can achieve that. It is all about moisturising the body externally and internally. So while I was thinking of how I could bring these two together into one blog, my mind was boggling but not for very long. I did promise a small makeup … Continue reading Skin Hydration & Body Quenching – Moisturising From Inside & Out – Aloe Vera & Mint Refreshing drink

In Preperation For Diwali

ARE YOU READY FOR DIWALI? HERE ARE JUST A FEW TIPS HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR THE SPECIAL OCASSION When we think of Diwali in this part of the world, we think autumn, cold crispy days, both frosty/foggy days & evening, beautiful golden leaves falling off the trees. Every season has its beauty, and … Continue reading In Preperation For Diwali