In Preperation For Diwali





Lightings for my kitchen kept simple and easy


Bring some colours and light under the houseplant


Up cycling old jewellery

When we think of Diwali in this part of the world, we think autumn, cold crispy days, both frosty/foggy days & evening, beautiful golden leaves falling off the trees. Every season has its beauty, and that is simply because it is nature’s blissful beauty that exudes through.

Well there is always some excitement that comes around the corner, celebration that many get excited about….in particular this time of the year it is Diwali. The festival of lights and everyone gets into the festive spirit trying to organise for his very special celebration. Diwali for many is a happy moment, spending family time, and for others it can be a very sad time as well – thinking of and missing loved one.img_3983

Diwali or Deepavali, the “festival of lights” is a very auspicious festival, and as it’s related to lights what better way to describe this occasion. I thought this time before I start bombarding you with food galore, I wish to share some of my decorative tips and ideas. Many would agree before all the decoration goes on the house gets a good spring. This is something I have always done because I feel decorating my home is one way to spread the good spirit and in order to do that the house has to be clean and in the mood. I like to see clean decorations rather than mess around my decorated home.  Sometimes it’s the least simple things that I collect and use for my decoration, as seen below a dry sprig of flower that I kept from a bouquet of flowers I was gifted a few months ago. The colours are so pretty I could not resist but to keep it. And now they will be scattered and adorn my table.


With a bit of imagination as quite honestly we are surrounded by a myriad of things that can be used for home decors and inject originality. One thing I really like is my fairy lights, but I like dainty little fairly lights. I love my candles whether it being block candles, tapered stick or tea lights – I like them scattered around all the rooms in the house. Grouping of candles, soft lighting and sparkling accessories offer just the perfect feel for the festive season. I love ethnic colours, and I get attracted to anything with burgundy red and gold – so here we are a simple storage box I will be using to hide serve some of my mithais when friends visit this weekend. 20161025_174047

Creating a beautiful yet simple and clean decoration is pretty simple surrounded by personal items/objects that are simple and attractive can make the Home even cosier. Just like at Christmas time, I never remove family photos to put decorations; instead my decorations have to work around my treasured family photos.  img_4025

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, celebrating the victory of light over darkness – good over evil. “Diyas” oil   lamps are lit to welcome Lord Rama’s return after 14 years of exile. Diwali is also associated with the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi, and marks the beginning and a prosperous year. Light brings brightness and happiness and in my ways to describe Diwali is simply a message to appreciate the good things in life. Everyday can be celebrated as Diwali but in the Hindu calendar this special day is dictated by the lunar moon/sun Diwali celebration falls on a specific day every year.img-60ba267d7fd1776dac94b6c6ffd65c23-vjpg-0

The most important of all is that Diwali is a time to treasure and to remind us of the good over the bad things in life, and the fact is good things always prevails over the bad. And the message is no matter what, we need to surrender to goodwill, and what better way to show our good will is to share. 20161025_173023


Dressing my lamp shade Brinda’s style sleek & simple

For that reason to celebrate Diwali many food are prepared both savoury and sweets and shared amongst friends and family. It’s one way of saying “I Care” about “you” rather than just me, meaning let’s forget about selfishness. Sharing sweets and food has certain meaning and in my view it’s sheer happiness of sharing to those who are less fortunate and in need. 20161025_172912

So while we waiting for what’s cooking over the Diwali weekend, let’s get organised – shopping list, advance preparation, relax and enjoy.  With Deepavali & Mithai Love Brin