Snacks & Canapes

Looking for a little something to accompany your drinks or a little bite to munch on – Here I have some sweet & savoury finger food recipes to tantalise your taste buds.

Easy little bite ideas that you will enjoy making and sharing ……

Vegetable Pakoras

Classic Indian finger food that no one can resist, these easy vegetable Pakoras are so simple to make. Crispy nibbles that everyone will love, perfect as a side dish or snack. Enjoy these mouth-watering Pakoras with friends and family. This is kind of a basic recipe which can be adapted to make Pakoras where finely … Continue reading Vegetable Pakoras

Cheese & Thyme Straws

Fancy twisted cheese straws/breadsticks have a go at these crunchy, buttery, cheesy straws. These cheese straws are super-easy as it uses ready roll puff pastry. They make a lovely snack you can munch anytime of the day and they are great little nibble with a drink. You can vary the flavour; together with the cheese … Continue reading Cheese & Thyme Straws

FISH GAJAK – Fish Appetizer

Fish Appetizer – Fish “Gajaks” a name given to Mauritian snacks. “Gajaks” are pre-drink nibbles usually served to accompany a drink…. As we all know how much us Mauritian like our little snacks whether with or without a drink. It’s the festive seasons and many of us plan to celebrate in style and I cannot think … Continue reading FISH GAJAK – Fish Appetizer

Mauritian Fish Vindaye

Fish Vindaye shouts out loud “Mauritian gajak”. I would say a Vindaye  is one dish that one can find at almost all parties, served as a pre-dinner nibble to accompany a drink. A Vindaye is a simply a spicy pickle, in this case the spices are turmeric, mustard & vinegar. It may sound odd when you hear … Continue reading Mauritian Fish Vindaye