Many of us lead a very busy lifestyle, but that’s no reason why we have to compromise the way we eat and feed our families. I too lead a hectic life running my own business, and yes I will be honest as rewarding as it is, it’s hard work and tiring. Sometimes I come home and feel if only I could be presented with a delicious plate of food to eat that excludes the preparation and tidy up would be great.

But something comes in the way and that is my love for home cooked food and my love of cooking. I like minimalistic and uncomplicated food especially during the week, because of time restraints – but one important thing it has to be tasty and comforting.

I like to prepare quick, easy and tasty meals that are just the ticket for days when I have not much time to cook. I love experimenting on new recipes and that’s my way to develop new recipes because I get to mix my fresh, freezer and cupboard ingredients together with the bonus of not wasting any of my fridge stocks as well.

Therefore I feel it’s time for me to share with you some of my quick-fix weekdays meals that could help you fix your dinners into your lifestyle and family life. In doing you won’t have to sacrifice great taste for time.

In addition, if cleverly organised you may even get a lunch out for the following day. I will also include some time-saving suggestions and preparation you can do ahead of time to make your meals as stress free and convenient as possible.

Hope you enjoy trying them out, as I aim to share some healthy, easy meals that you would love to feed you families – without compromising on time, taste, money saving and most importantly on health…  



Cumin Potatoes (Jeera Potatoes)

Wish all celebrating a Happy & Blessed Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration. As this is the time when Hindu all over the world celebrate with great devotion Lord Ganesha. Ganapati whose blessings invoke to remove all obstacles, brings wisdom and good fortune. The deity who brings people of all religion, caste and creed together. In reverence of … Continue reading Cumin Potatoes (Jeera Potatoes)

Spicy Chayote “ChowChow” Stew

Chayotte, also known as “Chow Chow”, is this lovely pear shaped light green vegetable of gourd family. It is one of the well-recognised vegetables in Mauritius, mid-American regions and in some southern US states like California, Louisiana and Florida. Chow-chow is a perennial vine that climbs by clinging and it needs a well-drained moist soil and long, … Continue reading Spicy Chayote “ChowChow” Stew

Curried Chilli Con-Carne

Chilli Con Carne is a classic hot and spicy dish full of flavour that combines both your carbohydrates and protein in one dish. With the addition of a few spices and here a little touch of curry powder this dish is transformed into a super flavoursome dish. I tend to add other vegetables such as … Continue reading Curried Chilli Con-Carne

Omelette Curry

This week we have gone all eggy….. and quite rightly so, it is the kind of ingredients that fits in almost every cooking – so versatile. The ultimate convenience food, great powerhouse of nutrition, packed with protein and minerals. Having a little stock of eggs in the kitchen is undoubtedly great, you can have a … Continue reading Omelette Curry

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