I feel overwhelmed just thinking and writing out this blog…but I did promise I would share so I have here for you a little resume. This was my very first private supper evening in my house – my sanctuary. When I first thought of having a private dinner evening in my house and cater for complete strangers, I thought I was losing it. But I knew I had a challenge on my hands, and challenges are there for us to face facts. So the challenge was on and since food was the centre of attraction I decided to go ahead with it, no fear, no negative thoughts, just do it girl.



Date was set, menu was done and the next thing tickets were sold out before I had the chance to advertise the event. I really thought this was crazy but crazy that’s me in a nutshell. 20160924_181432


Frying Mauritian streetfood “gateaux piments”

My concept of  “Food brings people together” had to be proven yet again and I could not think of a better way to enjoy a meal with people I had never met, making new friends and raise funds for a worthy cause. That was a challenge in itself,  believe me.

This time it was a Fusion Mauritian Food evening, as I really wanted my guests to enjoy some of the real Mauritian food.

The aim was to showcase both street food and luxury food of the tropical island. I always say the proof is in the pudding, and it was a real successful evening. At times certain things happen for a reason, and this time I met up with such lovely people, made new acquaintances/friends, I cannot describe how lovely the evening was. In one word I would say “awesome” I can’t wait for the next event.20160923_173539

But for now check these out…one more time when Brinda is having fun, she forgets to take pictures.