From spicy to warming – these tantalising Vegetarian dishes are adaptable, simple and delightful, all made with fresh ingredients.

Tomato Chatini

Mauritian “Chatini Pomme d’Amour” – (Tomato Chatini) or “Chutney” or Indian “Chatni” “One would not believe one simple dish would have so many names” I don’t think that “Chatini”Pomme d’Amour (Tomato Salad or Salsa) needs an introduction, it has for long been a popular accompaniment of Mauritian cuisine. It accompanies almost all Mauritian dishes. Some … Continue reading Tomato Chatini

Creamy Mushroom & Spaghetti

How about this for a meatfree dinner. This creamy mushroom is the of kind of sauce that is delicious on toast or pasta and that’s what I have done…served with sirrachi “chilli sauce” for an added bit of heat and buzz finished off with a drizzle of truffle oil. It’s so good so simple and smells … Continue reading Creamy Mushroom & Spaghetti

Lentils & Carrot Soup

Make a meal out of this easy and unique lentil soup. A delicious soup packed with iron and low in fat, ready in 30 minutes, can be prepared in a pressure cooker. This soup recipe has been a long time coming, it’s a favourite in our household but I never thought of writing up the … Continue reading Lentils & Carrot Soup

Curly Kale Minestrone

This is a delicious comforting dish – perfect for a cold autumn or winter’s day. Accompanied with crusty bread it a very nutritious and healthy meal. Can be prepared the day before. Ingredients Serves 2-4 300 grams Curly Kale 1 tin Bortolli beans or Canenolli beans – drain the water and rinse 2 celery stalks … Continue reading Curly Kale Minestrone

Tarka Dhal

I cannot think of anything more comforting than a bowl of hot steamy “Tarka Dhal”. Dhal is a staple food, served in most Indian household – a true classic. Creamy, spicy, aromatic with a blend of golden roasted flavours of spices. Tarka dhal is very unique to each individual; this is my version, like most … Continue reading Tarka Dhal

Spinach & Dhal/Lentils

This is a very simple and easy dish to make; a very typical home cooked food that most Indian household would prepare. It is wholesome, perfect accompaniment with any other dishes. My mother used to make this dish for the family, and liked by all members in the family. As we used to live as … Continue reading Spinach & Dhal/Lentils

Chayote & Potato Gratin

Are you feeding a crowd and looking for an all in one dish that is easy to make, easy to serve and would please everyone. How about a cheesy, tasty gratin made with a combination of the much loved spuds and chayote (chow-chow). This is a rich gratin but still healthy with abundance of fresh … Continue reading Chayote & Potato Gratin

Dhal Pitta

This is a very simple and easy dish to make; a super delicious home cooked food that mum used to make for the whole family. Simple staple ingredients used to make a perfect one pot wholesome meal. Such dish is very nostalgic as it reminds me so much of my childhood, in a happy surrounding … Continue reading Dhal Pitta

Chilli Paneer

I am sure you all must have heard off chilli paneer, well this is how easy it is to. I have made this dish which is super delicious and super quick to put together. It transforms the dish to the next level with the added sweet chilli sauce. This recipe yields one of the best … Continue reading Chilli Paneer