My Inspiration

My Gurus

My main inspiration are my parents, my mum with whom I have learnt how to cook and my dad how to appreciate food. I used to help mum cooking from a young age. My dad was an entrepreneur he took on challenging ventures and succeeded. I have learned to be daring and believe in following my dream and passion, anything is possible if one puts love in what they do and have faith. I believe Life is not only about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself.

“I cannot say I am self taught cook since what I am today is all down to the teaching and guidance I have had from both my parents.”

One thing I can say I have recreated my dishes and my recipes are my own, however, they all have the influences from my mum’s cooking through them.


The key to delicious food is Cooking from the Heart by Using Fresh Ingredients & Right Spices


What makes any dish stand out is no doubt using the freshest ingredients and the right spices. I like to cook from scratch, using fresh ingredients and fresh spices. My mum always used to grind her own spices and still does. She taught me how to roast and grind my own spices and masala mixtures. It’s all about carefully selecting the right spices. I still call my mum for her expertise advice. The aroma when spices are being roasted and grounded is so unique making the house smell heavenly spicy. The pleasure of picking fresh vegetable from the garden and cook them straight away is every cook and food lovers’ dream. I love the crispiness of fresh vegetable together with the smell of the soil still on the freshly picked vegetable……    


Mum’s herbs garden – fresh curry leaves


Mum’s vegetable garden