Kristel’s Garden Party – “A la découverte de La Cuisine Mautienne”


Foooood oh yes, that is what I wish to talk about surprise surprise!!!!!! Throwback as I share my delightful experience from my weekend in Evreux Normandie France with my compatriot Kristel, her family & friends.

When it comes to Mauritian food, where does one start I wonder?? The array of dishes that represent food from Mauritius is so diverse that the list goes on and on. The event organised by Kristel reflected its theme, it was a real discovery or Mauritian Cuisine. I had the privilege to be invited and be part of a lovely memorable weekend where all the guests had the pleasure in savouring some of the popular dishes from our beautiful island, Mauritius.



“La Charmante marchant Gateaux Piment”

It is not easy to showcase Mauritian food & drinks in just one day, but I have to say with some great planning and a good team work – the whole day smelled success. All efforts were made so that a varied number of popular dishes were prepared, cooked and served to the guests. The whole community spirit and the helping hands on deck was overwhelming – just like we say in Créole….. “tout la main dans la pâte”.

Making Farata

Making Farata

I am not too sure where to start, here are just a few of the dishes served on the day: (I specify this is only a few amongst so many others)

  • Fish Vindaye
  • Fish curry with aubergine
  • Fluffy pharata
  • Homemade Samosas
  • Aubergine fritter – “Gâteaux Brinzel”
  • Lentil bajias – “Gâteaux “piment”  (fried by Virginie )
  • Chinese roasted eggs – “Oeufs roti”
  • Mini chicken cutlets
  • Mauritian banana tartlets ( made by pastry chef Damien ” MyLittlePatisserie” )
  • The famous melt in the mouth “Napolitaine”
  • BBQ on the roaring fire (homemade vegetable brochette, fish, chicken, lamb, beef)


    Homemade Samosas

Hang on not quite over yet……just like most Mauritian party that starts during the day time and goes on into the evening. As the evening was drawing upon us, a big pot of Biryani was left to slowly cook on the open gas fire outside. That sums up a great end to a fabulous Mauritian party. This was served with a “chatini pomme-d’amour” well executed by Marie T under Kristel’s instruction– Tomato salsa and a “salad cocombre carrot” – cucumber & carrot salad.


All not over how can one say no to a crab soup “Mauritian style” that Kristel had prepared the day before and quite rightly so – always tastes better the next day after the soup stock has infused all the spices as the aroma intensifies. 20160709_141710


As far as drink was concerned there was certainly local wines served, the award winning Mauritian Phoenix biere was flowing, rhum cocktail and many more to please all. 20160708_201659

The whole concept of “A la découverte de la cuisine Mauritienne” was memorable. Kristel certainly drew all the strings and made sure every little details were touched on so that all the guests felt they were on a tropical island. We had the most gorgeous setting with a backdrop of a beautiful garden, greens, fresh air. The only things missing was the sea and white sands, but above all the great atmosphere, friendly crowd, entertainment, food & drinks made up for these missing factors.

A big thank you to my lovely Mauritian girl Kristel and her family/friends on a successful party.