Over a cup of Masala Chai in Southall – Poornima restaurant

Eid Mubarak to all my friends/family celebrating the night of the New Moon.

For me it was a day off from my #saturdaykitchen while spending an lovely afternoon in Southall…Yesss amongst the sound of Bollywood songs buzzing the shops & street, super yummy streefood, enjoyed watching all the ladies adorning their hands with mendhi. Everyone looking so happy in the celebration spirit, gosh aren’t we blessed to live amongst such a multicutural Britain. 

Now lets me tell you my newly found spot to eat, I discovered it today just by sheer coincidence. Family run little restaurant. Purnima is the place, I only stopped there to grab a masala Chai but ended up having pakoras, mithai, Mango lassi. 

I was so impressed with the place I went back to grab some takeaway home and more mothichoor ladoos. 

Check this captured on camera, this Chai is for real. With the skim forming on the top you know it’s the real deal. I’m sure many would agree eating there is something quite special eating hot pakoras with chutney and downing it with a sip of hot Chai….does this sound familiar? Or weird ? The answer for me it’s damn special. 

Many times people underestimate places like these , I used to myself no shame in saying it. But my concept of eating simple homemade food family run restaurant remains on top of the list.

So next time you are in the area, do pay a visit to this humble little eatery.